I am proud to share this delicious conversation that I had with Meka Hemmons aka SpiderMeka.   We dove deep into the desires to be safe, good and right and then into the life fracturing emergence into messy, authentic, meaningful and the full spectrum of emotions.  She shares about her journey to becoming a Portrait Photographer and how she put a stake in the ground for all of her clients to capture the real essence of who they are as well as her mission to have them leave her studio forever transformed.  


If you want to find out how a photographic studio can become a portal of dynamic transformation, tune in!  Be warned, this is a real, honest and intense conversation, no holding back!  


If you would like to see the work of Spider Meka please check out her website at SpiderMeka.com and feel free to book your power filled portrait session.


Do you have questions, comments or want to be in touch with Tara McCallam, host of the Academy of Being?  Reach out at Tara.McCallam@gmail.com or feel free to set up a complimentary Discovery Session at TaraMcCallam.com to discover the power in YOUR being! 

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